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.03 favorite movie: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

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“I was disappointed… that you tried.”

This part always make me tear up.


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Lord Of The Rings quotes

Samwise Gamgee - ‘I made a promise, Mr Frodo

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my account got hacked, lovely. :|

so while i’d like to apologize for the random posts i’ve made the past however long, it wasn’t actually me. but i am sorry i didn’t notice until basically just now.

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okay this whole chickfila nonsense is getting ridiculous

i typed out this long rant but i honestly feel like it’d be a waste, so this should hopefully get my point across:

i’m a chickfila employee.

yeah, dan cathy, the owner of chickfilaspoke about believing in “traditional marriage” and it came to light recently about the company apparently supporting anti-gay causes - and, by the way, the owning family has always been very open about being devout christians, so i don’t know why it’s such a damn surprise now.

however, that does not mean that the employees at the individual cfa locations agree with those same beliefs, so, for the love of holy fuck, please don’t harass those of us who work at cfa for what the ceo believes. it’s one thing to express your feelings about dan cathy and his nonsense but please don’t be harsh towards the people genuinely trying to make a living at a place that happens to be owned by the man.

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